A crisis pregnancy.

A "T" in the road. A crossroad where the decision you make will change your life. But you're not alone. Many have come to this same crossroad.

Hear the voices and see the faces of women who share what they have learned from their experiences so that you can be informed as many of them were not.

Who Are We?

Spects Educational Videos, Inc. was formed as a benevolent non-profit organization to produce a series of educational videos. We obtain our operational funds through donations and therefore are able to offer our videos freely online. Our desire is that the people we support will in turn spread the information through their circle of influence, multiplying the educational experience.

Our first video (featured above), Crossroads of the Heart is aimed at women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. Through testimonies of women who have experienced a crisis pregnancy, it discusses options and the possible long term after effects of those options.

Our second film, Love Puts On Sneakers is a love story meant to arm schools and pregnancy care centers that have teaching programs about sexually transmitted infections (STI's) and abstinence. It will be an effective tool in communicating the potential consequences of a sexually active lifestyle outside of marriage.

Our primary goal is to change hearts and save lives through truth in educational media.